# News and Information #
JUNY 2003

After delayed for a while finaly now we can re-vomit our newblood that really sickness.....

WANTED! BRUTAL DEATH-GRIND-G[C]ORE-CRUSHTY for new compilation called BRUTALLY SICKNESS "Dismembered and Molested". For interesting bands, just send your song material [with duration: min 1.5 mnt and max 3 mnt], in CD/CD-r format, photo, logo, biography... etc. to our address! We will wait until in the beginning of July 2003.......STAY BRUTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • LUMPUR "Escape Your Punishment" - brutal death metal band in US style mixed with blasting drum, guttural vokill, blast beat technical riffing guitar and high technical + 1 bonus from their original single... let's bang your head!!
  • JIHAD "Besok Qiamat" - they playing extreme death metal combined between crust + power violence, with young member.
  • BLACK PROTECTOR "Area Black Satan" - Indonesia extreme black 'fucking' death metal..total SATANIC !!!!
  • PUKELIZATION "Inorganic Fields" - original release from Pukelization, their musick brutal slot death metal + US sound, it was remastered with more good sound. Wait their performance in Indonesia... soon!!!
  • INCARRION "Into The Exposed" - Brutal Death/Grind from South Carolina with millennium sound, technical, extreme, brutal musick [license from UNITED GUTTURAL]
  • SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH "Puke Pile" - Highly Voracious death/grind from Wisconsin.. mix between Suffocation, Disgorge, Skinless with vocal ala Devourment...intense and total blasting brutal !!!!

Some bands who will spill thier blood :

  • IMPRECATORY "Mortal Intestines Decay" - brutal death metal in US veins with new style. Now they have been mixing and mastering their songs. Their musick now changed 100% than before.
  • FLESH FILTH - Indonesian killer Brutal death metal. In June/July, they will enter to studio for complete record their debut album. It was programmed will be released in two format (CD and Cassete)
  • GEBOREN "Cold and Empty World" - Re-issue Indonesian gothic power metal with female vokal + some bonus tracks
  • NEOHELLIST "Chapter 666" - Compilation Indonesia black metal bands with 100% total black cover, featuring 21 bands.... the darkness will come... out in the end of June 2003.

For Next Licence Releases, we have been negotiating with some brutal foreign labels, suck as :

    CEREBRAL EFFUSION "Violence in Motion" - Brutal death metal from Spain's most intense act unleash their ferocious debut full length upon humanity. Violence in Motion contains nine choice cuts of prime death metal highlighting the lethal skills of this mature and focused act.

    CUMCHRIST "Cumplete" - brutal deaht grind in Going too far? These Chicago sickos are raising some eyebrows with their over the top, blatantly blasphemous lyrics and imagery. You be the judge!

    RETCH "Ben-Wa Bany Heads" - blasting grinding deaht grind..Behold the second release from CA's pornaholic masters of gore soaked grind. Retch spew forth 9 horrific hymns of sexual depravity in just over 30 minutes!

  • OBSCENE RECORDS, HOLY RECORD... and many more

...... and some others band that is guaranteed make us orgasm....!!!